8 Common Words You Don’t Know Are Making You Sound Unreliable

8 Common Words You Don’t Know Are Making You Sound Unreliable

How one speaks and the words chosen during communication, via email or text, reflects on how others may view the speaker and their level professionalism, as well as, their vested interest in the conversation. This author explores several words and phrases that one may use on a daily basis and explains why the speaker should avoid them. It is important that a speaker be aware of fillers, “okay” and “um”, and avoid words that may suggest or indicate complacency like “okay” and “awesome”.

Key Takeaways:

  • Casual Friday style has tentacled, as acronyms and emojis, things that would have seemed less than professional a few decades ago, have made it even onto business writings.
  • Even in today’s more casual atmosphere, it’s important to realize that filler words, like um, and uh, do not make us appear reliable, ready to work, or otherwise professional.
  • Tentative words, like would and maybe, as well as middling and unenthusiastic responses, like OK, should be avoided in business communications, as they do not inspire confidence.

“It’s no surprise that word choice and expression says a lot about someone’s personality, but even the regularity in which words or word categories are used can speak volumes about a person.”


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