How to Feel Productive Without Being Productive

Productivity is a good thing, but sometimes you just want to be lazy. And that is okay because there’s many ways you can be lazy and still feel productive. You can read a book or play an instrument to help you initiate your creativity, or you can obsess over a game or something that you love. In the end, productivity…

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

Fear holds many of us back. Without it we could achieve so much more. We often don’t because we know we might fail, or we have some other fear. Imagine what might happen if you didn’t have this to deal with. You could just go for it when you wanted something.

How do you deal with slips in your projects?

Using the iPad app moleskine is a great way to organize your work and home life. You can keep multiple notebooks in one place. Examples could be home journals, work journals, weekly planners and more. Using bulletins is how I stay organized. Streamlining my life as helped me unclutter my life.
Key Takeaways:

Use the moleskine app to stay organized
Using the app,…

Time management and requests to “pick your brain”

People often want us to give of ourselves and our time. We often feel obligated. We should not. If it causes us distress it is perfectly acceptable to say no. If it is something you want to do by all means say yes. You could always charge a fee for your services.
Key Takeaways:

When you have worked hard and put in…