The Question is Why?

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People and organizations are searching for solutions that are realistic and realizable before traumatic consequences occur; whether it be wellness, relationships or work environment. Organizations have a right to expect productivity, performance, creativity, team-work and ultimately profitability from their workforce.  In return, employees have the right to optimize their life dimensions centered around self, relationships and work.

TMMG, Inc, through the use of programs like LifeZone®4, has achieved an interactive approach that helps individuals handle competing responsibilities more effectively.  We have a variety of formats to meet the company’s needs and all of the programs challenge established priorities and encourage introspection.  In order to assure effective progress in all of our programs, quantifiable data is gathered and analyzed to determine trends and personal obstacles as well as measure positive results and outcomes.

Life Dimensions

Self – Wellness

Relationship – Primary

Self – Mind

Relationship – Family

Self – Spiritual

Relationship – Friends

Work – Job

Work – Colleagues