Going the distance: maintaining motivation in long projects

Going the distance: maintaining motivation in long projects

In this recent article, Alex Fayle hits a home run in offering an original view of the typical motivational speech. Every person has a goal of some sort, and most people find getting to the finish line of that goal to be more challenging than was probably originally anticipated. I loved the point that Alex points out about her husband being able to stick with his weight-loss regimen because he has the reward of fitting into a new piece of clothing each week that he has not been able to for some time.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author and her husband have been dieting for around six weeks. The author is getting back to her usual weight, but her husband has a ways to go.
  • She mentions that her husband is motivated by fitting into his old clothes, but she can’t find motivation.
  • She finishes the article by asking her readers for suggestions for motivation, so that she can continue on.

“We got professional help and we made the decision that we wanted to succeed.”


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