LifeZone®4 History

TMMG, Inc. is a group of professionals who recognize that a percentage of the world is suffering from an epidemic of individual work-life imbalance.

Organizations are requiring more from individuals at the risk of creating a work force of personnel that are task saturated, stressed out, and inefficient in the work place.

Our original logo, circa 2003

Technologies and work place cultures have accelerated the demands on employees and employers to the point of breaking in many cases.

The start of TMMG and LifeZone®4 was a direct result of one of the co-founders point of breaking. During an ambulance ride to the hospital, right from the office, the decision was made to do something significant to change the status quo of work-life balance.

Since that day a team of dedicated professionals have served as the catalyst to make a difference in the lives of anyone desiring a better work-life balance.