Meet the Team

  • Randy Moser, MBA Randy Moser, MBA Co-founder - Marketing

    Randy Moser knows that balancing all the various roles in your life can feel impossible.  His passion for helping people achieve a successful balance of priorities has led him to develop innovative tools and scientific methodologies to use as he coaches individuals and groups. Using “LifeZone®4,” Randy’s workshops and lectures produce measurable results and a step-by-step action plan, specifically equipping you to tackle priorities and commitments with a deeper understanding of what you need in your life.  The results of his coaching?  A scientifically based process that yields optimized performance and a healthier sense of your desires and goals.

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  • Mark Zajac, Ph.D. Mark Zajac, Ph.D. Director – Product Development

    Your greatest asset and competitive advantage is your people. Identifying and fully utilizing individual strengths is critical for success. Mark has a passion for people: for helping them achieve success. Over the past 25+ years, he has become recognized for his collaborative leadership and team-building skills in diverse cultural settings, maximizing employee productivity, creativity and motivation. He can help you realize the full potential in yourself and your team.

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  • Sam Kanakanui Sam Kanakanui Director – Online Experience

    Sam brings over 25 years of software and web development to every project in which he is involved. It’s the combination of business acumen and strong analytical and technical knowledge that he has used to grow his Greensboro based business, Netwave Solutions since 1998. Sam became a partner and member of the leadership team in 2012 after participating in a full day Lifezone4 workshop.  His primary responsibility is the continued growth and development of the Virtual and Explorer products for Lifezone4 as the organization continues to expand and grow online.

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