We desire to have balance in our lives and we frequently find it to be elusive. It takes effort and we don't know where to begin. The LifeZone®4 program gave our staff a toolkit for beginning the process.

Brigitte Gann

Brigitte GannCPA, Partner - Craven-Shelton-Gann, P.A. – Greensboro, NC

LifeZone®4 puts the challenges of competing responsibilities into proper perspective and places accountability with the individual and not the work environment.  The methodology guides a participant through an assessment process which leads to the prioritization of their life dimensions; ultimately leading to an action plan for improvement.  Results will occur if those who participant engage in the process.

Jose Milan

Jose Milan -

Finding a work/life balance is a constant challenge I face. I struggle to find the time to do everything I have to do, let alone the things I would like to do. When I focus on one thing, something else in my life always seems to suffer and the feeling of failure sets in. The LifeZone®4 program recognizes these challenges and provides each individual with the tools to find a realistic starting point in eliminating stress and organizing priorities. In my opinion, this program is vital to any individual who experiences or knows someone who experiences the negative effects of stress.

Sarah Freland

Sarah Freland -

Randy Moser’s LifeZone®4 program was well received by an enthusiastic audience of small businessmen who attended one of GIE Media’s recent conferences and were eager to learn about how to develop a healthier work/life balance. A talented speaker, Mr. Moser presented the seminar in an entertaining and informative fashion, resulting in positive feedback from conference attendees.

Dan Moreland

Dan MorelandExecutive Vice President - GIE Media, Richfield, Ohio