Time management and requests to “pick your brain”

Time management and requests to “pick your brain”

People often want us to give of ourselves and our time. We often feel obligated. We should not. If it causes us distress it is perfectly acceptable to say no. If it is something you want to do by all means say yes. You could always charge a fee for your services.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you have worked hard and put in time and effort to learn a skill and someone asks how you achieved it or learned it, you don’t have to tell them. You worked hard for it, but to just give all your information away.
  • It also okay to help people learn your skill. People have to start out somewhere.
  • Your skill is special and if you want to teach someone it’s okay to have them pay for it. You worked hard for what you achieved.

“be sure to respect that person’s time.”


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